What we do

We create innovative workforce profiling, development and educational solutions that scaffold individual, business and social success.

Skilled Futures

Working Futures™ enables organisations to research, design, develop and deliver high quality and engaging experiences that target future skills.


Working Futures™ is at the forefront of research and solution driven outcomes that explores the future of work and accompanying skill development.

Responsive Workforces

Working Futures provides information and resources to help build more agile and responsive workforces that are equipped to lead future workspaces.

Why Choose Us?

We are dedicated to developing technologies, system-level insights and ways of thinking that enhance organisational agility, skills development, and the role of education systems in supporting individual, community and business success.

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  • Predict regional, industry and professional skill demand
  • Open career pathways
  • Ensure global portablity
  • Promote digital learning in stackable nano-degrees
  • Assure global portablility
  • Design relevant educational experiences
  • Inform education funding and curriculum design
  • We want to better match people and employers

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Latest Research
31 Mar 09:46 am

Future Capabilities: Automation, workforce disrupton and quantifying the reskilling task and capability requirements.

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Future Capabilities Report
30 Mar 10:02 am

A report on automation, workforce disruption and quantifying the reskilling task and capability requirements of future skills.

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