Creating Shared Futures

The Institute for Working Futures

Leverage what you have now and build the capabilities to achieve your desired future. Working Futures™ provides the research, side-by-side consultancy support and tools to assist people, regions, companies and industries transform human capability and seize opportunities at speed. We are a team of scientist-practitioners who have served in the front lines for over 20 years. We have promoted global research, invested in social and commercial ventures that have driven breakthrough thinking, created systematic models for workforce and leadership capability development, and sought to inspire a more compelling, inclusive vision for the future of work and learning.

What we do

About us

Working Futures™ (The Institute for Working Futures Pty. Ltd. acn 22 054466769), is a private company committed to investigating the future of work, learning and the capabilities required by organisations, regions and individuals to succeed. Since 1992 we have been developing technologies, models and tools that can enhance organisational agility, human capabilities, knowledge capital and the role of education systems in supporting individual, community and business success.

Our Services

  • Capability analysis, authoring or support tools
  • Foresighting and futures planning
  • Leadership frameworks and solutions
  • Assessment and recognition platform advice and design services
  • Advanced education business models and accreditation
  • Insight through applied research and scientific discovery

Our Commitment

We are committed to creating viable futures. This includes assisting our clients create a strategic vision and access the knowledge and tools required to be agile and build the workforce and leadership capabilities required to seize opportunities and be successful. While experienced practitioners, we balance breakthrough thinking with scientifically robust models and resources.

Our Clients

Our clients include individuals, teams, national and international organisations (of all types), academic institutions, professional associations and regional bodies. Our clients want to address the burning platforms, respond rather than defend, deal positively with disruptive technologies and seize opportunities. They seek to do this at speed and harness Working Futures’™ capability and insights to confidently establish their priorities, readiness and the pathway forward.

What is capability?

When considered strategically we can work to develop individual skills, knowledge and attributes in a manner that improves the future of a national, region and a business: the approach centres on capability development or the outcomes. This approach can help us predict jobs of the future and skill regional workforces with discrete skills that optimise their employability, career and personal futures.

How do we improve future learning and work?

Working Futures™ has been working for 25 years to improve our ability to accommodate more rapid changes to work with improved design of organisations, work and workplaces. It also includes the imperative to rethink our approach’s to assessment and recognition to better emphasise continuous, applied experience and to uncouple capability development for future work from traditional, rigid approaches to learning centred on how inflexible models that are tied to discipline based, bloated qualifications that conform government funding mechanisms.

Discovering Working Futures™

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