Working Futures

We live in turbulent times where employment and the future of work are  transforming. Working Futures™ helps clients design a more human-centred approach to harnessing and developing each person’s true potential. We cut through complex problems, identify the capabilities that build agile organisations, set professional standards, and strive to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

Ongoing technological change and market turbulence mean we must build skills for sustained employment for which no job title exists today. In addition to job performance competence, we need to raise workforce capability and everyone’s employability.

We help by:

  • Developing a definition of work that looks beyond outdated industrial age industry and job classification
  • Identifying which technologies will replace jobs down to a task level
  • Isolating priority skill-sets that rapidly reposition underused workers and workforces 
  • Better predicting regional, industry, and professional skills demand

We use capabilities to raise economic capacity

Everyone has unlocked potential. When we focus on competencies or explicit knowledge alone, we miss a person’s true talent and potential.  

We help by: 

  • Confirming the human capabilities required to perform at a level of work or professional proficiency
  • Establishing the standards and evidence confirming capability attainment
  • Building a human-centred approach to capability development and recognition
  • Configuring human capital assessment technologies and management platforms

We help design outcomes-based educational experiences

The relationship between educational providers (particularly universities), students, and employers must change. Qualifications often fail to align with today’s sought after skills, or they simply focus on technical skills over the human attributes an employer seeks. 

We help by:

  • Enhancing how mass education accommodates personalised learning and authentic assessment
  • Promoting outcomes-based curriculum design and accreditation 
  • Separating degree qualifications into more flexible, stackable micro-learning experiences
  • Using credentials to recognise informal, non-formal, and experiential learning that credits into formal qualifications 

We improve people and employer matching

A  skills mismatch exists and it’s driven by inefficient education and human capital allocation systems. The skills often exist but employers cannot find the person with the skill, or the person’s documented qualifications or experience fail to match the outcomes employers seek in a given industry or location.  

We help by improving:

  • The assessment and recognition of a person’s capabilities to match them to a job that fits them best
  • The configuration of the technologies required to sustain labour exchange in the freelance or gig economy 
  • The validity and global portability of digital credentials
  • The lifelong learning records for every person 

Why Choose Us?

We are dedicated to developing technologies, system-level insights and ways of thinking that enhance organisational agility, skills development, and the role of education systems in supporting individual, community, and business success.

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  • Predict regional, industry and professional skill demand
  • Open career pathways
  • Ensure global portablity
  • Promote digital learning in stackable nano-degrees
  • Assure global portablility
  • Design relevant educational experiences
  • Inform education funding and curriculum design
  • We want to better match people and employers

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