The CapabilityCo

Working Future™ has joined EVERITAS and global psychometric assessment providers to build The CapabilityCo platform. Tested with Telstra it provides a seamless Future Ready diagnostic, learning content tied to capabilities, evidence submission, reflective interview and third-party assessment that leads to capability being validated and a credential issued.

Digital Media and Learning CoLab

Working Futures™ has been working with Cybermedia to research, design, develop and deliver high quality engaging digital learning content and authentic assessment experiences that target human and future leadership capabilities.

Web Assessment & Digital Credentials CoLab

Working Futures™ has been working with EVERITAS and WebAssess’ global deployment of MyInnerGenius® with IBM to configure a platform able to assess a person’s capabilities and confirm which future job roles best match their unique profile. The result is an individual or group report on capability, future potential, skills development needs, and a unique insight on each person’s best fit future job or career opportunities. All verified capabilities and assessment evidence is placed into Credly’s Acclaim platform to generate a digital credential and a personal, lifelong record.

Leadership Capabilities

Identifying and verifying the capabilities leaders need now and in the future is a major challenge for organisations. With technology disruption, radical changes in the mode and form of work, and globalisation effective leadership is essential. Working Futures™ has been working with:

  • CLA, Future Leadership to promote progressive, sophisticated and rigorous thinking about assessing and developing leaders.
  • University of Tasmania undertaking supervision of PhD candidates completing research into leadership capabilities and authentic assessment.

Capability Standards & Micro-Credentials

Traditional structured formal qualifications promote learning that is often more generalised, discipline based, and focused on knowledge transfer. It can be expensive and time-consuming if you only need part of the degree or wish to prioritise to meet immediate needs.

But qualifications can be disaggregated or built into micro-learning chunks and still can stack into the formal, macro-qualification. This occurs through micro-credentials which target specific learning or capabilities required in the future workplace. These forms of nano-degrees or micro-credentials offer a more personalised, efficient and cost-effective way to ensure your workforce are keeping their skills relevant and certified. Working Futures™ has been working with:

  • Telstra and CapabilityCo to pilot and deploy a seamless service able to support Future Ready profiling and developing individuals, teams, and the workforce using the human capability standards.
  • DeakinCo to identify future capabilities required in professional work and to develop a framework Deakin University can use to not only recognise professional capabilities, but to assure credit or enhanced entry into their post-graduate qualifications for those attaining a micro-credential.
  • Credly to gather evidence, verify, and recognise the experience, achievements, formal learning or certificates achieved by an individual or group.
  • Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) and Griffith University to identify better way to verify informal, non-formal or formal learning in young people and enhance the verification, credentialing and management of lifelong digital records using blockchain technologies.
  • Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand to assess and recognise their member’s professional status while also opening opportunities to qualifications and careers.
  • Engineers Australia to enhance the digital assessment, recognition and credentialing of competency attainment while mapping this progress to their member journey and formal qualifications.