We are a private company committed to investigating the future of work, learning and the capabilities successful organisations, regions and individuals require.

Working Futures™ (The Institute for Working Futures Pty. Ltd. acn 22 054466769)

What we stand for

We are passionate about creating shared futures. Futures where individuals, businesses, professions and communities mutually benefit by creating innovative solutions that build the human capabilities required to meet future challenges.

Our story

From commencement in 1992, we have been dedicated to developing technologies, system-level insights and ways of thinking that enhance organisational agility, skills development, and the role of education systems in supporting workforce development.

With origins in Australia, we have worked across Australasia and have a passionate commitment to assist how rural, regional and remote communities prepare for the future.

Our Experts

Dr Marcus Bowles

Dr Marcus Bowles

Director, The Institute for Working Futures

About me

My interest centres on the impact of transformational human and technology capabilities on creating viable futures for individuals and the industries, regions, professions and organisations where they work. I have 25 years’ national and international consultancy, academic teaching and applied research work.

While I still hold adjunct or visiting professorial-level appointments at leading Australian universities, my passion is working on wicked problems with the people in the workforce that are prepared to look around the blind corner and design innovative, system-level solutions.


  • 30 year successful consulting track record
  • 25 years at Director-level experience
  • 25+ years as researcher
  • Senior academic teaching, industry relationships, and director appointments
  • Expert in agility by design and enabling competency and capability systems
  • Commitment to regional development and future employment initiatives

Research Papers


Paul T. Wilson

Paul T. Wilson

Principal, Consulting Services – B.Com, GDip Sc (IT), B.Comp (Hons)

About me

Paul has also been involved in Working Futures™ projects over the past 8 years. This work has involved:

  • Research, structured knowledge collation, analysis, and information design;
  • Identifying labour market and training strategies and opportunities; and
  • Mapping the broad nature and dynamics Australia’s national ICT training systems.

Knowledge is the logic people and organisations apply to achieve results. Paul is a knowledge professional, and works with clients to research, consult, systematically design and apply the knowledge needed to achieve effective results and improvement. This work requires multi-disciplinary approaches, though it typically involves information and communication technologies (ICT), learning, knowledge, organisational and systems design.

Paul is an expert in designing and running surveys, data collection and digital knowledge exchanges that have been designed to capture, share and transfer digital knowledge using leading edge paradigms and systems tools.