Working Futures™ has released its third edition in the Future Capability Standards.  The new edition rolls together research in human capabilities and the LEAD leadership capabilities.

The Human Capability Framework Reference Framework is now available to educators and policy makers under global commons licence to improve graduate employability of students and for those working on future proof workforce plans and role profiles. The framework has its foundations in 25 years of international research findings and capability frameworks developed by The Institute for Working Futures Pty Ltd (Working Futures™) for some of Australasia’s largest employers and professional bodies.

Research, design and development work on capability frameworks now spans 50 organisations that include ASX50 and Forbes500 icon companies, industry and professional bodies, educational institutions, and public agencies. These include professional capability standards models with Australia’s largest professional bodies, professional standards backing world leading micro-credential models at Deakin University, and transformational leadership frameworks implemented in New Zealand from early 2000 (known as the LEAD Framework), that were acknowledged as world’s best practice in the health sector and foundational to leadership standards frameworks developed in Canada, Singapore, the UK, and Australia.


You can download the Human Capability Standards Reference Framework from here.