Our Partners


CLA provides psychological products and services for leadership. It has formed a pool of esteemed international and Australian academics, thought leaders, international speakers, subject matter experts, entrepreneurs, CEOs and business leaders.


Udify is a platform business transforming workplaces for the ever-changing world one person at a time.


DeakinCo. work with forward-thinking organisations and individuals to enhance and evidence workforce capability so they can benefit from what is learned at work and thrive in their working futures.


The Centre for Regional and Rural Futures (CeRRF) delivers innovative research solutions to regional and rural communities by collaborating with industry, government, community and not-for-profit sectors. We also contribute to the design of smarter technologies to enhance regional and rural productivity.


Faethm creates economic and social value from emerging technologies, such as AI and Robotics. Faethm has capability and proprietary technologies such as Tandem to better analyse, predict and respond to automation and future changes to work.

Smart Academy

Smart Academy is an international education company and Registered Training Organisation (RTO) focussed on executive development and innovative skills development and learning solutions.

Centre for Workforce Futures

Centre for Workforce Futures and the Transport & Logistics Open Network represents one of the Asia Pacific’s leading concentrations of expertise in the fields of employment relations, labour economics, demography, labour law and management strategy.
Ignite Performance

Ignite Performance

The Ignite Performance team are experienced specialists in organisational optimisation and implementing bespoke development and learning solutions that support the required change.