May 10

Human Capability: Learning, Development & Assessment

Human Capability: Learning, Development & Assessment

Working Futures™ has a strong commitment to research and development of innovative models and startup technology and platform models focussed on developing and assessing capabilities required by leaders and professional in the future.

Capabilities are defined as the underlying knowledge, skills and attributes required to perform at a level of work or professional proficiency.  While they can be used to profile individuals, unlike behavioural competencies they are less about the person as an input to effective leadership or management, and more about the outcome.  They are broad, generic and transferrable and this distinguishes them from competencies which are more technical and narrowly focused on specific vocational skill.

The development and deployment of capabilities reflects an enduring desire to assure viable futures for organisations, regions, industries and individuals by improving their capacity to be more agile, flexible and responsive in a time marked by turbulence and digital disruption.  It is about moving beyond the hype and hyperbole of simplistic ‘recipes’ for leading and managing people, processes, innovation and change to developing leaders with the capability to engage, inspire and build a culture that enhances execution and the ability to transform. It is about developing deep capabilities held by individuals and the workforce collectively that are hard to replicate and enhance the implicit knowledge and cultural values that underpin an organisation’s strategic purpose and unique competitive advantage. Capabilities our competitors cannot buy-in or replicate.

Working Futures™ has inspired and driven some of the most important advances in thinking, technology and practice regarding workforce capability development and innovative approaches to the conduct of professional and technical education and assessment.