Human Capability

The Third Edition of the Future Capability Reference Framework concentrates on Human Capability Standards. These are the non-technical worker and leadership capabilities that will form over 62 per cent of all future job profiles.

It has its foundations in 20 years of international research and one of the largest collections of research derived from public and private sector clients developing capability frameworks that span most Australian and New Zealand industries and global professions. 

Working Futures® has been writing, calibrating, validating, and sharing the leadership and management and human capability standards with other developers to accelerate the readiness of individuals and workforces for the future. As a reference framework it is available for free under a global commons license for internal use, initial evaluation, or for non-commercial products–for example, education, professional recognition, or assessment.  

Commercial users can contact Working Futures™ to gain rights to use or modify the framework for their company or for commercial ends (AUS$2500), or to distribute a variation of the framework (national – AUS$5000, global AUS$10,000). All use is subject to acknowledgement of the original copyright origins and voluntary participation in a global community already providing feedback that improves the standards through evidence-based research.

The Human Capability Standards

Access the full March 2020 Third Edition of The Future Capability Reference Framework.

View each of the standards

Critical Thinking
Holographic phone
Initiative and Drive
Lifelong Learning
Digital Acumen
Equipment and Culture
Cultural Awareness
Customer Focus
Innovative Thinking
Direction and Purpose
Adaptive Mindset

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