Shared Futures

We are passionate about creating shared futures. Futures where individuals, businesses, regions and society mutually benefit by creating innovative solutions to building the human capabilities required to meet future challenges.

We want to help build more agile and responsive workforces

  • Identify which technologies will replace jobs down to a task level
  • Reinvent how we cluster and define work away from industrial age classification of industries and occupations
  • Resort skill needs to reprioritise national education and skills development activities
  • Better predict regional, industry and professional skills demand
  • Inform educational funding and curriculum design

We want to predict what capabilities future work and workers will require

  • Isolate those capabilities (knowledge, skills and mental attributes) required to perform at a level of work or professional proficiency
  • Assess and determine the capabilities essential to the future workforce
  • Establish standards and evidence that indicates capability attainment
  • Provide examples of authentic

We want to help design relevant education experiences that easier to access and credential

  • Enhance mass education to personalised and ‘authentic’ learning and assessment
  • Advance models for disaggregating degree study into micro learning experiences
  • Promote digital learning in smaller, stackable nano-degrees
  • Recognise and micro-credential informal and non-formal learning in a manner that credits into formal qualifications

We want to better match people and employers

  • Assure global portability
  • Enable lifelong records management by the individual
  • Acknowledge and recognise hidden as well as explicit skills and knowledge
  • Open career pathways

Sustain more flexible modes of work required in the 4th industrial age (contractors, portfolio and freelance)