Agility & Foresighting

Agility & Foresighting

Agility & Foresighting

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  • On March 29

Working Futures™ continues to maintain the core focus on assisting groups rethink and create shared futures.  Since 1992 we have used a foresighting approach to scan future opportunities and create a vision for the future that can be constructed using models that develop and advance more agile business models and workforce capabilities.

Our aim is to help individuals, businesses, regions and industry groups systematically examine complex and uncertain trends to isolate areas of high potential where they can create viable futures.

We use agile systems linked to our maturity model and readiness tools to not only ascertain desired futures, but the systems, strategy and the workforce capabilities required to achieve current and future targets.

While a strategic tool in many regional and national innovation agendas, we use foresighting to assist others isolate macro-level external opportunities and threats (drivers), align micro-level operational strengths and weaknesses (enablers) and prioritise the required transformation. This helps to:

  • Set a shared vision for the future
  • Isolate and respond to new markets and opportunities
  • Make strategic choices
  • Set priorities, resources and requirements
  • Allocate responsibilities
  • Raise awareness and inspire commitment


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